Vintage armchair, years 60

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Dominik A.
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Unique armchair dating from the years 1960, which has been professionally padded with a very high level of quality. The frames are in their original state and have been retouched. The Chair is vintage and has more than 50 years, but our work has given it a new look and freshness. The wood has been sanded and secured with high quality oil to expose the beautiful wood grains. The shape was kept in the smallest detail as originally. Padding: velvet Green A kind of wood: beech wood Wood color: vintage teak The armchair has extra brass finishes. Size: Width-22.8 ", 58 cm Height-31. 4 ", 80 cm Depth-24.8 ", 63 cm Seat width-18.1 in., 46 cm Seat height-14. 2 ", 36 cm

Réf. : 7DuknNu

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Dominik A.
15 ventes
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