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By Maxime Rokus

By Maxime Rokus

Ouvert il y a 2 mois

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer based in amsterdam, the netherlands. I have been illustrating as far as she can remember, just about as long as she was able to draw stick puppets and other very, let’s say, inventive shapes and subjects.

in 2013 she was lucky enough to start her career, producing/creating design projects on a personal request basis and as commissioned work. she currently works as a freelance creative all-rounder
after eight years of working as a creative for several agencies, maxime decided to pursue what she had always loved since she was that child drawing stick puppets; to use those artistic hands to create her personally-inspired artwork. now, during the struggle of the corona crisis, she found time to finally realize this dream – and so maxime's webshop, which sells prints and paintings, is finally born.

By Maxime Rokus

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